The Grand Route: A Luxury Problem


Really, it’s not that difficult. We know we will be going south and we know we are hoping to make it all the way down to Panama. We have the van, we have the time and we have each other. The short route is 7 952 km each direction and looks like this:We are toying with the idea of going up to Yukon and Alaska, which are new areas to the both of us. It would provide us with great opportunities to see bears and other wildlife, test the van’s camper facilites and go fishing. This route adds several km to the trip as this route is listed as 17 643 km one way, so the decision requires a bit of thought.

Most of the route will be decided on as we go. The main decision we will have to make is whether we should start out going north or south. Thoughts?


Update on the Supply Hunt


ImageGetting a van ready for a big adventure is sort of like moving into a new house, a little one at that. We came to Canada with a wedding dress, a suit and some frisbees, along with some more items of clothing and a few pairs of shoes. Basically nothing that will help us a whole lot where we will be going.

Yesterday weImage picked up priority number one: Tools. Priority number two: Our new female dashboard companion, The Hula Girl. We also got some bins and boxes for storage and dishes. Today’s little mission will be to get dishes and what we need for cooking out on the road.

V-dub for the Dubs


She is ours!

As of yesterday we are the proud owners of this beautiful VW 1997 Eurovan edition. She is in mint condition and features all amenities a happy couple needs in life. In order to get her on the road we need to get insurance and registration, which is what we will do today.

Our departure date has been set to August 14th. That means we have two weeks to equip our honeymoon suite. Check in later for the full VW Eurovan tour!

Wedding Bliss


A couple weeks into our marriage we are in awe and appreciation of our family and friends who came to join us from all over the world for our wedding. What a PARTY it was! The location was beautiful Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in The Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Check out more photos on our photographer Claire Dibble’s blog.

Now: We are in Prep-Mode! Our first priority is to buy a van to serve as our vehicle and home for the next while. Let the Siri Ann Kyler funlovingliving Adventure commence!