V-dub for the Dubs


She is ours!

As of yesterday we are the proud owners of this beautiful VW 1997 Eurovan edition. She is in mint condition and features all amenities a happy couple needs in life. In order to get her on the road we need to get insurance and registration, which is what we will do today.

Our departure date has been set to August 14th. That means we have two weeks to equip our honeymoon suite. Check in later for the full VW Eurovan tour!


2 thoughts on “V-dub for the Dubs

  1. hemanjektnes

    Congrats with the car. And Siri: I absolutely love the fact that you changed the departure date after our discussion

  2. Bente Myren

    You guys are the best! Congrats with the wedlock and the honeymoon suite on wheels. I assume you are on your way out again to share your funloveliving with the World. Enjoy! Huggs from Bente in Stavanger

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