The Grand Route: A Luxury Problem


Really, it’s not that difficult. We know we will be going south and we know we are hoping to make it all the way down to Panama. We have the van, we have the time and we have each other. The short route is 7 952 km each direction and looks like this:We are toying with the idea of going up to Yukon and Alaska, which are new areas to the both of us. It would provide us with great opportunities to see bears and other wildlife, test the van’s camper facilites and go fishing. This route adds several km to the trip as this route is listed as 17 643 km one way, so the decision requires a bit of thought.

Most of the route will be decided on as we go. The main decision we will have to make is whether we should start out going north or south. Thoughts?


7 thoughts on “The Grand Route: A Luxury Problem

  1. Sebastien, the guy from Surfers Paraides and jimmy

    if you have the time ! the money ! eachother do it go out in the true wilderness..Alaska soo far beyond.

  2. ellie

    Skip Yukon/Alaska on this trip, then make it its own trip after you come back to Canada in March/April next year anyway. Gives you another exciting adventure to look forward to! And then it comes in its own package!

  3. Angela Jackson

    If you head North maybe think about coming South through the inside passage on BC ferries…and of course swing by Deep Cove for a visit!!!

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