Beautiful, Super, Natural British Columbia


Our weekend trip out west has been nothing but a great success!

We met up with our wonderful friends, Brent and Valerie, along with their two dogs, Nola and Ballzy, in Calgary Thursday afternoon and drove to Cedar Lake in Golden for Day 1 camping. Peter, who married us at Kicking Horse just over 3 weeks ago, and his wife, Leah, met up with us and hung out by our crackling bonfire until idnight when the oon was out! (Ref old M commercial for the Norwegians) Nola and Ballzy spent the night in Brent and Val’s car, while the four of us slept in our van. It showed us that accommodating four people is no prob!
The next morning we woke up to beautiful lake mountain views. Having camped in the van it took no time to pack up camp and get on our horse.

The drive from Golden to Revelstoke Friday morning was stunningly beautiful. We spotted two bears along the road and the weather was as good as it gets. Mother nature showed itself from it’s most gorgeous side! We put the stoke in Revelstoke as we launched our vessels on the Upper Arrow Lake. We then paddled to the sunny side of the lake and explored the “coastline”. We paddled past a gorgeous rock beach with plenty of drift wood rushed to shore. We spotted bald eagles majestically watching its surroundings from the tree tops and cute, little otters curiously peaking out from their hiding spot to see who we were. Time flew by and we returned to the rock beach and set up camp before it got dark. The lake was calm and nobody else seemed to be even remotely close to where we were.

Saturday was another stunner. 30 degrees and super sunny! Paddling and frolicking, fishing and hanging out in the sun. What a beautiful day!

Sunday was a Saturday repeat, except we had to return to civilization. We tied our canoes together and tried making the trip back to the cars take longer to extend the trip. We stopped halfway across the lake, went swimming, fishing and drank the last few beers. Oh, what a weekend it has been!

After one last night camping outside a casino at a reserve we are back in Calgary and will be spending the day celebrating Kyler’s mom’s birthday!







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