Upper Arrow Lake funlovingliving Album


It’s been easy to blog from my phone, but then I don’t get to show you shots taken with our good camera. I have therefore put together a few more photos I’d like to share.

From across the lake we spotted this lonely, little, red tree. It’s summer, why is it dressed in the colors of the fall collection? Is this normal?

There was a fair bit of drift wood on the lake. It only did us well – for two reasons. Number one: Endless amounts of easily obtained fire wood. Number two: Endless amounts of fun running on this log! I have never tried it before and had soo much fun doing it! I will be looking for logs to be running on from here on!

Two happy campers and newly weds!

I will never let an opportunity for a jumping shot pass me by. If Kyler didn’t take the photo he’d be jumping too.

Big win on the camp site. It was beautiful in the day, in the evening and at night. The only thing lacking were trees with branches strong enough to tie our food to, out of reach for the many bears in the area. Instead, we walked all food and remnants thereof as far from our tents as our midnight sensibility told us to. No bears in our tent – so it must have been good enough!

Our beer goggles for the paddle back to the cars on Sunday. Everything was already beautiful, so we didn’t really need them, but they are fun!

Froggy Fred thought he was a grasshopper…

…and I was thinking: Life is Awesome!


2 thoughts on “Upper Arrow Lake funlovingliving Album

  1. Julie

    Takk for så bra reiseskildringer! Det frister unektelig å bade og løpe på trestokker samt ikke minst å se bjønn, åtter og ønn! 🙂 Hadde vært en biologs drøm dette her tror du ikke? Ta vare på dere selv og pass dere for bjørner. Hørte i nyhetene i dag at en Bjørn hadde tatt seg inn på en hytte i Norge. Og “ekspertene” sa at bjørner lukter øl veldig godt, så gjem ølboksene deres sammen med maten! 🙂 Og så håper jeg dere tar turen innom Alaska, hadde vært gøy å vite åssen det er der 🙂

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