Drumheller – Land of the Dinosaurs!


We decided to try a new route from Calgary to Edmonton and drove north-east of Calgary to the town of Drumheller. It is about a 90 minute prarie drive until the land suddenly drops into a valley called the Badlands.

I guess the photographer knows that we like rum and dropped the D.

65 million years ago the area was a popular hang out spot for dinosaurs and in the past 20-30 years they have found heaps of remnants from the dinosaur times. The Alberta Badlands is a funky Flintstone-like landscape which is a huge variety from the massive prarie planes surrounding it. The town of Drumheller is well aware of their claim to fame – the dinosaurs, and is not trying the fight it. Dinosaurs in all different shape, form, attire and color can be found all across town. Some are in private yards, some belong to shops and some are part of the town deco. This nice gentleman welcomed us to town and guided us over to the world’s largest dinosaur where we had lunch. We could have climbed up and enjoyed a view of Drumheller from the dinosaur’s mouth, but decided it wasn’t worth the $6 combined.After lunch we headed to the Royal Tyrrell Museum which has an impressive collection of dinosaur fossils. This T-Rex is one of them:No big deal.After visiting the museum we went for a little Badland hike and jump……then we went on Alberta’s last cable ferry and headed back up to Edmonton.


3 thoughts on “Drumheller – Land of the Dinosaurs!

  1. ekobyrne

    You could have been INSIDE a dinosaur for only SIX WHOLE DOLLARS and you didn’t!? All those dinosaurs must be spoiling you for dinosaur adventure choice!

  2. Duncan Harwood

    Dude you didn’t take her to Drumheller!!! I had to go there during my zoology days at U of C and I hated every minute of it. Get to the coast ASAP, but no pictures, I am at work and I don’t need the torture.

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