Last Leg of Edmonton – for now


We have been quite the social butterflies the past few days (weeks)! It’s always fun hanging out with our great friends in Kyler’s hometown. Last night we went out to play pool with our fellow engineering couple, Dave and Nadia. We had a few good and close games, even though it got harder and harder for both teams figuring out what balls we were going for – shirts or singlets. D&N pulled the longest straw in the end and we’re okey with that. They were good competition:)


Today has been another warm summer day in Edmonton. Since we are leaving Edmonton for the last time – this time around – this coming Sunday, we have been busy packing up the van. We pretty much have it sorted now, with the last bit of cooking equipment coming in second hand today thanks to Kelty and her co-worker!

After some running around we had a great visit with our friends Steph and Geoff and their two adorable little miracles! We got some quality patio time and awesome burgers. Yum!

Tonight is Justin’s 30th birthday! Tomorrow is the big party and we are excited to be here to celebrate him this weekend. Gratulerer med dagen!



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