A Little History of the VW


As you may have noticed, we are quite excited about our new home and vehicle, our van Honey. She’s a 1997 VW Eurovan in great condition. Throughout the almost seven years Kyler and I have been together we have travelled in a number of VW Campervans.

It all started with Twinky, a 1973 model, air cooled VW bus. The name came from an American snack cake with the same name. It’s shape resembled that of the VW bus, hence the name. Kyler and Cowboy drove Twinky from Canada and down to San Cristobal de Las Casas in Southern Mexico, where we met in november 2005. I was told that she struggled up the steep hills to San Cristobal and that she did require some work every so often. One way or another Twinky made it back to Canada and is now at Cowboy’s cousin’s. She’s been gutted, with plans to be brought back to life.

This isn’t actually the real Twinky, but they look much the same.

After Twinky we took off for our next VW adventure in a 1976 named Pokey. She was named after Gumby’s horse, Pokey. To be honest, I forget how the name came about, but Pokey it was and we had a little minature Pokey on our dashboard to guide us. We left Canada in January 2007 and it was freezing cold. Pokey wasn’t much of a winter vehicle since she didn’t have any heating options. That meant that the inside temperature was approximately the same as the outside temperature, -30C. It was cold and we had to come up with ways to protect us from the weather. It helped a little bit to put plastic bags on our feet inside our runners as protection against the freezing winds that would rip through the van. Pokey drove pretty well from Edmonton to Tuscon, Arizona, but there she decided she was over it and the engine seized. Completely.

After spending about a week in Tuscon, Arizona trying to figure what to do, we got lucky! The mechanic we had gone to had come across another VW campervan and he wanted to help us out and sold it for a nice price. We immediately named her Happy! Not because of a cake or a cartoon character, but because she made us Happy. Happy got us all the way down to the very southern part of Nicaragua before we turned around. In Northern Mexico we got into a bit of an accident. A bus misunderstood our left signal light and thought we meant for him to pass us, when really we wanted to go left. The back end got hit and made us spend an extra week in Mexico getting it fixed. The methods chosen for the repair were interesting and we got to follow it up close since we stayed in the van at the mechanics. We got her back on the road and got her safely back to Canada. Kyler’s dad has since put a lot of work into it by installing a Subaru engine. She is looking great!

Our next adventure van is the one you already might know, Honey! She’s the new addition to the family and will hopefully bring us safely down to Central America. Some new and improved features are dual air bags and a V6 engine. We are very happy with Honey for our honeymoon!



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