Loving the Cove!


The drive from Shuswap Lake to Deep Cove on Friday was incredible. We decided to drive a new route, both for scenery and less traffic. The drive is further north than the main highway and takes us through Whistler on the way down to Vancouver. Along the road we got to witness the dramatic change in nature and climate throughout BC. The area through Kamloops is very much like a desert, dry and unbelievably hot. We stopped at McDonald’s to score ice coffees on sale for only $1. Oh boy, they are tasty! Especially at 37 degrees Celsius!



After a little while the landscape becomes more vertical, the roads get windy and you start to climb. It really is quite the climb! On the way back down the mountain towards Pemberton and Whistler our breaks really started squeaking. It was one 13 km long extreme downhill. We stopped at a Petro Canada in Pemberton and they seemed to get most their business from drivers having to give their breaks a break, including ourselves.. After a popsicle and some bagged rays we were good to keep going.


We pulled into Whistler, knowing that the mountain bike competition Crankworx was on. And was it ever ON, Whistler was happening! We had dinner at the main plaza bar and took in the action.

The last little bit of driving from Whistler to Deep Cove didn’t take long due to new and improved roads built for the Olympics in 2010. We arrived in Deep Cove at around 8 pm and were able to catch the last bit of the Friday night concert in the Cove. Deep Cove is a little, very cute and funky community that have been sporting the Friday night summer concerts since music was recorded on cassettes. The people here are incredibly active and seem very happy with life.

Yesterday we woke up to another beautiful day and had coffee and breakfast on the Jackson 5’s patio. The day cruised by with Kyler and myself paddle boarding for the first time. You see old people around on those boards all the time, making it look really easy. Believe me (and maybe moreso Kyler – who fell in the water three times!) it’s not that easy! We made it around the bend to the Cove and back and were greeted with a bucket of beer from Kelly who lent us the board. It doesn’t get better than borrowing a board and getting a complimentary, cold beer on their private dock after. In the afternoon we hung out and had fun with Kyler’s cousin, Leanne, and her family. Dinner time came about and Kyler’s aunt, Angela, went on to make an incredible BBQ salmon dinner at their lovely house. We ate outside with company of Sarah and Brian, local Deep Cove friends.

20120819-013635.jpg After dinner Sarah and Brian invited us over to their house for a swim. Wow, what a beautiful house they have!





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