Stanley Park Beach Picnic


Today was spent in the heart of Vancouver’s lungs, Stanley Park. The park is a huge area situated right next to downtown Vancouver and is immensely popular with tourists as well as locals. The entire park has a paved seawall surrounding it used for walking, running and biking, big forest areas and a few different beaches. It’s a really nice area. The first time I was there was back in 2006 when Kyler and I biked around it and today we went there to meet up with our friend Jeff (J.Lo), an Edmontonian living in Vancouver. We set up quite the picnic for ourselves with wine, fruit and other treats. Jeff brought out the game Headbanz that had been in his family since 1991. You are to guess who or what the card on your head says you are. But remember to set your brain to pre-1991 – No Justin Bieber, Britney Spears or JT!

In the same area there was an East-Indian yoga festival on today. It was an interesting scene with yogis, shows and drumming. I am still not sure what spiritual fashion entitles.

We had a great time and suddenly it was Sunday evening.


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