Beautiful Evening Paddle


Our visit to Deep Cove had it’s grand finale tonight with an absolutely beautiful kayak trip in the area.

We were so lucky to get to borrow Sarah and Brian’s double kayak for the evening, while our friend C.D. who went to school with Kyler in Edmonton and now lives in Vancouver, borrowed Ang’s kayak. Erik, Kyler’s cousin manned it out there on a stand up paddle board! We got out around 5:30 pm and while we were paddling by one stunning, seaside house, surrounded by gorgeous nature, after another we forgot all about time and place. Quicker than we realized it, the sun was setting and as it really was getting dark we pulled the kayak out of the water. We took advantage of every minute of daylight. It was such a wonderful night!





I can see why people get into kayaking. It is such a natural movement. It feels as if you’re one with the water. I love looking at how the kayak carefully cuts its way through the water creating little wakes as it goes. I love looking to the side as the paddle pierces through the surface of the water and makes a tornado on its way back. I might not be the most efficient paddler, as I am obviously quite busy watching my surroundings, but I am loving every minute of it.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Evening Paddle

  1. ekobyrne

    Question: Did you ever try kayaking with Landon at his canoe club in Calgary? If so, did you find it enjoyable? No temper tantrums. Just checking.

    • We did. The reservoir where he paddle is beautiful, but the kayaks were more learners’ river kayaks (which I didn’t get why they have on a reservoir) and never wanted to go straight. Fun in its own way, but a bit distracting.

      • ekobyrne

        Claire and I also struggled a little bit. Both with the kayaks and our tempers… Glad to hear an explanation for why they were the inappropriate vessels for that body of water!

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