Border Crossing #1


We made it across the US border – barely…

With our hearts thumping and knees shivering we walked up to the desk of the US border patrol. We felt as we were criminals who had something to hide – even though we have nothing to hide and all we want is to honeymoon around!

They make you feel so nervous!

After realizing that the visa I paid $74 to get is only valid when you enter by boat or plane and that we had no address where we were going to stay at hand we started getting real nervous. Questions were flying by our heads at rapid speed: Where do you live? (Uuuh, in our van…?) What are you doing here? (Uuuh, honeymooning…?) How long are you traveling for? (Uuuh, not sure…?) Where are going to stay tonight? (Uuuh, we googled a camp site. Uuuh, it was called RV park something…)
Yeah, we could have done our homework a little better. We took a deep breath, focused and pulled it all together. Sooo, where are we now? – In the US and A!

We drove a little while until we decided it was time to find a spot for the night. We were hoping to find a Walmart, they are known to be kind to their camper customers and are usually open 24 hours. We did not find a Walmart, instead we found a Home Depot! It’s a nice parking lot, free internet and so far so good! We are ready to set up camp for the night and hopefully no parking lot security team will kick us out mid-sleep! God natt!




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