Oh No #2


The Oh No is not related to last night’s choice of over night parking spot, that worked out just fine. It’s rather related to a weird sound our Honey was making last night. This morning she was not feeling much better so we decided to bring her to a mechanic. The first guy we went to instantly walked to the back of the van, thinking the engine was in the back, as it was in the earlier VW vans. That made us think: Hm, let’s go somewhere else! We found another shop and they diagnosed the sound and serviced the transmission today and will be changing a part related to the belt tomorrow.

In the meantime we are stuck in Mt Vernon, Washington. Not even that far from the border! We made the best of it today and went for a walk in town, had a glass of wine and are enjoying our prime camp spot for the evening, in front of the mechanic’s shop!








Hopefully we’ll be back on the road tomorrow!


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