Shuffleboard in Seattle


At around 5 pm yesterday we happily pulled out of the mechanic’s shop and the parking lot we had been calling home for the past 32 hours. Honey was back in shape and was purring like a happy kitten.

Yay, we were back on the road!

We drove south and followed the city centre signs to the grunge heart of Seattle. Kyler paralleled parked Honey like a moon landing in front of a string of bars which Kurt Cobain would approve of.


After a candle lit dinner for two at an Italian restaurant we strolled over to the string of bars for one drink. The Tiki bar we chose appeared to be a nice, relaxing place to enjoy a casual beer. Immediately upon entry we realized this was not the case. Amongst the hard rock, leather-clad clientelle we saw a shuffleboard table in the distance. Kyler and I ordered a beer and set up for a friendly shuffleboard competition.



Then out of the blue, this long-goateed pirate suddenly shows up on the side line. From the first rock the commentary began. “Three points for the lady!” To Kyler: “That sweater might be sharp, but it won’t win you the gold!” “Aaarrrrrg, A Knock Out!”



The intensity and vulgarity in the commentary escalated as the game went on. “That one point isn’t gonna win you a blow job!” “That tongue looks strong!” “The lady is set up for a three point, waiting for a bang!” “Aaarrrrrhhhh! Ooohhhhh!” Meanwhile the air humping and wall slapping began to create a rather uncomfortable scene, so we stopped while it was still fun. As we pulled out we witnessed the long-goateed pirate don a bicycle helmet and return back into another bar.

Thank you, Seattle.



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