Cannon Beach, Oregon


Yesterday was spent at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. It’s a cute, little, but fairly touristy beach town in Northern Oregon.





We went for a long, romantic walk on the beach and felt we were really doing the honeymoon thing right. While we were walking along the beach we stumbled past a wedding. Unfortunately they didn’t look too happy and our suspicions were confirmed a little later when several of the attendees started yelling at each other, including the bride and groom. We had at this point made ourselves dinner and sat down eating while the action took place. We couldn’t believe what was happening and it really made us appreciate what a warm and loving wedding we had.

We watched our first west coast sunset this time around before we packed up and got going.





In search for a place to park for the night we drove a little further south to the beach town of Manzanita. Tucked away from the main road, in a little neighborhood, we parked our van and played cards until it was time to sleep. In the morning we were woken up by a knock on the window. It was a local police officer who thought we should get on the road. His wish is our command, I guess, and we got going.


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