Portland, OR: City of bikes, books and bums


Portland’s motto (or one of them) is “Keep Portland Weird” and they sure master the task! Our time in Portland might have been as random as the city itself.

We rolled in with high expectations as several people had told us how great the city is. At first we didn’t quite seem to have it figured out, as the street we parked on was nearly empty with cars, and people. We wandered, looked around and wandered some more. Where are the poeple? Where is the awesomeness everybody had been telling us about? All we could see were bums. On every street corner. We saw people shooting up and drugs being dealt. We were puzzled with Portland.

Amongst the bums we found an area filled with food carts, one of Portland’s claims to fame. The food was great. I got reunited with platanos fritos, that I loved when I lived in Cuba. Kyler got a fill of Indian food. We had lunch sitting on a staircase in a square together with about a houndred of Portland’s finest bums.

While walking around, not quite sure what to do, we came across a glow in the dark pirate minigolf venue. No better time than now, we though and ventured down into the dark. It was a fun time and close competition.

The glow in the dark pirate minigolf was enroute to Portland’s riverwalk and suddenly we started getting Portland. We bumped into the Saturday Market (on a Sunday), we sat down and watched the local Portlandians. The place was bustling! It was weird. It was everything we had heard that Portland is.

In the end we had discovered some of Portland’s hidden gems and had a great time!


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