Van Life


Van life is great, but it also has it’s downsides. The last couple days displayed some of those and I figured I could share:

– Being waken up by a police officer in the morning and being told to leave. Not so much fun. Kyler gets a kick out of it, I don’t.

– Not finding anywhere to have a shower. A couple days ago we found a public pool and figured that could be a good way of getting a work out and a shower. While asking a woman for the opening hours, she placed the information sheet on the nearby table and stepped back, making sure to keep her distance. We didn’t even think we stunk that bad. The pool wasn’t open for drop ins, so we had to wait until we found a camp ground that night. Maan, does that shower feel great when you get it!

– Having no fixed address, we cannot receive mail.

– Normal luxuries such as clothing and toiletries are limited by the space in the van.

– You don’t always end up sleeping flat.

– You don’t know where you’ll sleep tonight, for better or worse.


4 thoughts on “Van Life

  1. Pete in Golden

    I love keeping up to date with you two and your exciting ventures! Here’s my suggestion, go to the hardware store and buy a little round level, then raid a construction site for some 2×6 scraps. Now you have some planks to level your rig and blood won’t rush to your head when you sleep. This coming from someone who used to spend many miles in the vdub with a family of 4.

    • Hey Pete! Great to hear from you! What year was your family’s VW? Good call on the blocks and level, we have some and have used them when it’s really bad. Other than that we don’t mind rolling into each other…yet!

  2. Julie

    Det var dumt at dere ikke har noen adresse, for jeg har sendt dere et ferdig montert dusjkabinett m. varmtvann i posten. Se om dere kan finne en sånn rullestolramp og legg den under madrassen evt når dere ikke får sove flatt. Så et triks rumenerne hadde utenfor jobben, men de hadde skiboks da. De hadde hele garderoben der. Og hvis dere bor lenge nok et sted og går rundt folk og lukter vondt og gjør fra dere i buskene, så setter kommunen opp dusj og toalett til dere til slutt

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