Living it UP in San Francisco


For our wedding we were the fortunate recipients of a gift card to The Ritz-Carlton from Landon, Kyler’s brother. We decided to treat ourselves in San Francisco and checked in!

With parking being very expensive in the city we had parked our van for free in the hills of Berkeley and taken the train in. With backpack on our backs and sneakers on our feet we looked like the average traveler, not like the one that would check into the Ritz.

Upon arrival we were immideately greeted by the gentlemen and ladies of the Ritz. Glasses of champagne were in our hands before we had time to say our names. Gregory at the front desk then proceded to inform us that he had upgraded us, the newlyweds, to a suite on the sixth floor. Yes! Excited and sweaty from the hike we excitedly got in the elevator and slid our key card into the slot to allow us entrance to the sixth floor. In the very end of the hallway we reached our destination, Suite 627. We unlock the door and walk straight into heaven.

Suite 627 is approximately 80 m2. It has a hallway, one guest toilet, one full bathroom with a tub and a shower, a large livingroom, a large bedroom, a little hallway leading into a little area with a desk and two large closets. It’s located on one of the building’s corners and therefore has views of the city from two angles. Awesome.

After a bit of jumping and running around our suite, the door bell rings. When we just thought life couldn’t get any better, a lovely personalized card and strawberries wearing chocolate tuxedos enter our little piece of heaven.

After a sought-after shower we ventured out to San Fran’s Chinatown and Little Italy. After dinner, we got some cheap wine and Ritz crackers and returned to our suite at …wait for it… The Ritz!

Not long after getting back, our lovely housekeeper Sui came by and filled up our supplies of ice, coffee and milk chocolate. I was also given a white rose and she took a couple photos of and with us.

After housekeeping left, we called the front desk and got movies delivered on the door. The last part of the night (well, not the very last…) was spent on the couch (a luxury when living in a van) watching a movie. The Pursuit of Happyness, in case you wondered. What a lovely time we had!

The next day, Tuesday, we worked out in the hotel’s gym, showered multiple times and made several coffees. Oh, we also went to Alcatraz! More on that later.

Wednesday morning we asked for a late checkout and enjoyed all facilities to the max. Including sitting in every chair the suite had to offer. In the last photo you can see the windows at the corner of our suite.

Kyler was worried that I’d be disappointed by van living after having had a taste of Haute Living, but do not worry! The variation is what makes it truly special!

I love the diversity of the life that we are so fortunate to be living. (Written in the Walmart parking lot in Napa.)


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