Honey’s Library


Being on the road allows for time to read. It allows for as much time to read as you allott yourself. What a privilege!

Today I will show you Honey’s traveling library. This, of course, will be subject to constant change, as we finish books and trade them or in other ways aquire new ones. Some of them are gifts and some of them we’ve bought. Random, yes!

Listed from top right corner (books are placed in completely random order):

Jo Nesbø: Nemesis

Lonely Planet: Central America on a shoestring

2500 Spørsmål og svar/2500 Questions and Answers

Jo Nesbø: The Redbreast

Christopher McDougall: Born to Run

E L James: Fifty Shades of Grey

Julia Cameron: The Artist’s Way

Jon Krakauer: Into thin Air

Lonely Planet: Mexico

Ilya Mikehlson: Structural Engineering Formulas

Enjoy Living Through Yoga

Kim Edwards: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin: Three Cups of Tea

Six Sigma Memory Jogger II

Åke Edwardson: Sun and Shadow

The World Pocket Atlas

Spansk-norsk ordbok/Spanish-Norwegian dictionary

Erin Van Rheenen: Living Abroad in Costa Rica

Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants

Kelly E. Nault-Matzen: when you’re about to go off the deep end, don’t take your kids with you

Edward Allen and Joseph Iano: Fundamentals of Building Construction

The Cosmo Kama Sutra

Nancy Levy-Konesky and Karen Daggett: Asi es (Spanish textbook)

Mark Haddon: the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

EuroVan Owner’s Manual

Jack Kerouac: On The Road

Claire Wallerstein: Culture Shock! Costa Rica

Tina Fey: Bossypants

Picture book from Casper

Diana Gabaldon: Outlander


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