Cruzing Santa Cruz


Yesterday we drove from Yosemite and through very dry and very hot landscapes to get back to the coast.

As a major change from San Fransisco, the coast by Santa Cruz is hot! I am guessing there’s a 15 C difference between the two nearby cities, seperated by a mere 130km. Santa Cruz is known for it’s surfing and beach life – it’s beautiful, even though the surf was flat like a pancake. We cruzed into town in the afternoon and spent the evening on a merry-go-round and a roller coaster. Santa Cruz’ boardwalk is one big amusement park and we are not the ones to turn that down.

The merry-go-round was particularly different from other merry-go-rounds. At a certain location on the circle, you could pick up a ring and then attempt to throw it in the mouth of a clown painted on the one wall. We got on our horses taking this challenge very seriously. Kyler cashed the first one – and then another two rings, into the mouth of the clown. A tremendous effort! He excitedly got off his horse and was ready to claim his price. Kyler asked the merry-go-round attendant, “So, what happens when you win?” Quick disappointment with her answer, “nothing“. Kyler looked as if the ice cream just fell off of his cone.

We continued down the boardwalk and hopped on the famous Big Dipper roller coaster right before closing. It was a fantastic wood frame coaster first opened May 17th, 1924. I wonder if any Norwegians rode it that day to celebrate Norwegian Constitution Day?

After five days of not being able to obtain a shower, we threw in the towel and got a night at Days Inn at Watsonville. Oh heavens – that shower can only be described with one word: AWESOME!


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