Yosemite National Park


Yosemite National Park is a large area in the Sierra Nevada in Eastern California. The Park was new to the both of us and we decided to go, in spite of the much talked about hantavirus that has killed a three or four people the last few weeks. We drove up the windy roads into the park on constant lookout for one of the many resident bears. We didn’t see any.

When we got to our campground at Wawona (we decided to stay a little ways away from the hantavirus and Curry Village, just in case, you know..) we locked all of our food up, made sure not to spill anything on the ground and barely put deodorant on, in order to not attract the bears. Unfortunately (or fortunately), these precautions made us not see any bears here either.

On Saturday we started our hike up to Nevada Falls from Yosemite Village. We were not alone. As two sheep in a herd we huffed it up the hills. Being Norwegian/Canadian hikers we are not used to, nor do we like, crowds when we are out in The Great Outdoors. We like thinking that we are out in the free, exploring and getting to amazing places where few people have been. Poeple in all shapes and forms were crawling up the hill to get a glimpse of the first of the two waterfalls. After a solid, paved uphill we reached basecamp. Most people were high five’ing, taking big gulps of water from the water fountain and taking a leak in the restroom. For a Norwegian/Canadian hiking team, this is not how we roll. We snapped a few circus photos and got on with it.

As the path turned from pavement to gravel, the crowd turned from big to small. With a 611 meter elevation gain in only a few kilometers, it was a steep and beautiful climb to the top. The supposedly 5-6 hour hike was conquered in just over three hours including a banana sandwich lunch.

The famous Yosemite Valley Tunnel View behind us. The hike we went on was just below the peak in the back right.

In our campground at Wawona we were unable to shower, since they didn’t have any… Eeeww! It’s been three days – and counting. In spite of us no longer smelling like Ritz roses, we got to know our campground neighbours, Jon and Kimmy. The four of us had a fun evening around the bonfire – breaking all quite hour rules… On our last day in Yosemite we went with our new friends to Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. The trees were impressive, but Kyler had most fun taking photos of the other tourists on wildlife trolleys…

Oh, and then there’s us being nerdy tourists. This time we couldn’t drive through the tree, so we walked it.

Thank you, Yosemite. It has been a blast. Off to new adventures!


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