A Five Location Type of Night


2:00am.“Ratt-tatt-swoosh-tetetetetete”, abrubt, loud sounds on both sides of Honeyvan.“What the heck is that?!” We both bend 90 up at the waist in bed instantly. Hurricane? Bullies? Rain that comes in from the side? Then it stopped…..

2:01“Ratt-tatt-swoosh-tetetetetete”, I pull on undies and hop out of the van. “Sprinklers!” Soaked. We roll on out of sprinkler range and set up again for the night. “Well it’s better than our spot five and a half hour ago.”

20:31 (5.5 hours earlier) “I’m getting a mad case of the heebiegeebies”. “Yeah, me too” Once a vancamper’s thoughts go down the this-doesn’t-feel-safe path, it is time to move on. The pull-out on the side of highway one, just North of Big Sur, wasn’t the overnight spot that night, it had given us the heebiegeebies. “We will go a bit further down the road and find a good spot, where we can sleep like babies well into the morning.”

05:30* (not well into the morning)

“Bonk, bonk, bonk!” loud, knocking on our honeyvan. “You can’t camp here, time to move on”. We moved on.

05:33*“Wow, that was for sure our sleep mode to drive mode record! Three minutes!” “Let’s just pull over till the sun gets up, so we don’t miss this beautiful drive.”

06:50 (sunrise) “Wow, beautiful drive.” “Man, I’m tired. Let’s pull over and sleep a bit.” The place was just as sketchy as 20:30.

10:00 (fifth sleeping place) Now, that’s what I call sleeping around!

*Approximated, exact times for dramatic effect.

Guest entry by Kyler White


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