Wow, Time Flies!


It has been a few days since I have updated the blog. Time has just flown by, while we have been pretty busy. We left Santa Cruz a little later than anticipated. Partly due to time just flying by and partly because Honey got a well deserved oil change. On our way south we stopped in the weird, surprising, but very pretty, little town of Carmel(-by-the-sea). There’s obviously a few Benjamins flying around Carmel. Fancy, fancy, schmancy. Unlike other the ritzy towns, the houses along the scenic beach front drive were quaint and not overtaking the natural scenery. Fun fact: Clint Eastwood lives here and used to be the mayor of town.

Since Tuesday evening we have been staying with the lovely Andersons in Morro Bay, California. Jeff and Shellie are shirttail relatives, whom we have visitied before on our drives south. They are great people with a lovely home and lots of action on the go. Jeff runs the very successful Anderson Inn, while Shellie is a massage therapist and wingsuit flyer! This is her in the red:

While they have been busy doing their thing, Kyler and I have been getting Honey’s fridge fixed. It didn’t work since we bought her – now it does! It will be a fresh food galore from here on! We have been visiting with more family – Kyler’s aunt and uncle and Shellie’s sister with her family. Fun and social times! We have been sleeping in a bed, we have been having unlimited access to a shower and a toilet. Good times.

Now it is Friday and it is time to move on.

We are heading further south and will be spending the weekend in LaLaLand – or Los Angeles, as they also call it.


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