Hurley Pro at Trestles


Yayayay, just checking in after a funlovingliving day at Trestles where we went to the surf comp Hurley Pro, one of the stops on the ASP world tour. It was a gorgeous day in the sun. Our friend Chris who works for Hurley hooked us up with some VIP passes, so we got some free juice and great views.







Rob Machado was there, but I didn’t want to be one of those people to ask for a photo, so instead I got one from The Internet. In a way he looks a bit like Kyler. Do you agree?


We are really living the SoCal lifestyle with our friend Kyle here! Funny story: Kyler and Cowboy met Kyle and Chris on their trip down to Mexico in 2005. It came out that Kyle’s nickname is Buddha. Kyler enthusiastically brings out his t-shirt with a Buddha on it and trades shirts with Kyle. They both still have the original shirts!

Peace out!



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