Wingsuit Flying World Record Attempt


If I could choose one super-power, it would be to fly. The wingsuit flyers here are getting as close as possible to that. Wingsuit flying is amazing!

We are currently in Perris, California – a mecca for skydivers.

Our relative, Shellie Anderson, is part of the team attempting to set a new world record in wingsuit formation flying. 100 of the best wingsuit flyers in the world are working on forming a diamond in the air. We spent the day here yesterday and my dad will not be happy to hear how inspired I am to start skydiving! There are all sorts of people from all around the world here. We are surrounded by so much positivity the air is vibrating.

Several of the wingsuit flyers are also BASE jumpers. Norway, and especially Kjerag, is a big destination for BASE jumpers and many of the flyers here have been there.

We spoke with one guy from California who prefers to be left un-named. He gets his biggest kicks from BASE jumping and has been travelling the world to jump off things. One of the jumps he has done took him a year and a half to plan and was off a building in a big city in the US. He had to figure out the best time in terms of weather, the traffic light pattern as well as how to get to the top of the building. One night, after dressing up as an electrician and making the security guard believe that he was there to perform a check up of the lights on the roof of the building, he got up to the top. Then he got the “go” via radio from his friends waiting in a van at the bottom. No way back, he’s sweating, scared to shit – and jumps! He has one parachute, one attempt and only very few seconds to do what is necessary to save his own life. Intense. It was very interesting talking to somebody who do what you only really read about in the papers, and often only when someone died. BASE jumping is undoubtably the most dangerous recreational sport, but from the conversations we had these people do not have a death wish. They take any measure they can to play it “safe” and feel alive. They are looking to get a rush, that other people might get from other things in life.

The picture below shows the 100 wingsuit flyers practicing on the ground in the morning sunrise. Today is the first day they are doing the full 100. The previous days they have been forming a diamond of 81 people. Flying this many people at the same time provides many challenges. There’s a risk of colliding in the air, as well as in the landing. It’s therefore very important to know what’s arround you, stick to the plan and land at the assigned spot. We were able to join in on two de-briefings yesterday. It gave us an insight into the efforts and collaboration required for this magnitude of a jump.

Perris Skydive Resort takes care of its guests!

Another tough day in the office! Bye, bye – for now!

Follow up live on the record attempt here!


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