The Last of Las Vegas


We have now left the lights and sounds of Las Vegas and are in a different state – but we did do the last of Las Vegas in style!

I mentioned earlier that we have been staying with aunt Sam and uncle Jim in Henderson. They have a big house where we had our own suite and we had a great time with them. They are seniors and along with the neighbours in their friendly neighbourhood, we had time for coffee in the morning, hanging out in the garage, visiting, chatting, cleaning the van and fixing a couple things. Our Honey is now in tiptop shape. Sam and Jim’s vehicles, a 40 Chevy and a 54 Chevy, are worth a showing:

They even trusted us to take it for a drive!

Back to our last night in Vegas: Have you guys heard of the app Hotel Tonight? We were told about it just a couple days ago and checked it out for our last night in Las Vegas. Turned out we got a room at Planet Hollywood for $10! We were very happy about the price, and figured that even if they put us in the basement, it’s a great deal.

So, we check in and let them know we are on our honeymoon – it never hurts to try! The receptionist then proceeds to inform us that we have been upgraded to a suite with a view of the Strip! Whaaat! Pretty psyched we get in the elevator and find our sweet suite. It has a circular bathroom, Arnold’s original Terminator jacket, a lounge and a view. How cool! $10!

After getting ourselves calmed down, we ventured out into the deep of old Las Vegas – Fremont Street. At Fremont Street we met up with super cool Sam and Jim. Fremont Street is crazy. You will see all types of people. Women with beards, men with their junk tucked back in a bikini, Micheal Jackson, Elvis (a few of them), Tupac, people who put themselves into boxes, women and men with big boobs, small boobs, feathers and sequins, people who state they are too ugly to be in porn and ask for money instead. It’s all pretty wild, wildly entertaining.

Every hour the music is blasted and the Fremont Street light show is on. Some people sit to watch, some people stand to watch, some people lie down to watch, some people are busy pouring vodka from the top of their head and some people are simply too drunk to know anything is going on at all. It is all good.

Sam and Jim took us to a biker bar called Hogs and Heifers just off Fremont Street. The bar is often danced on and women love to leave their bras there. I didn’t do either of those things, but I did have fun anyways. Sam and I were lucky to get a picture with the security beef in the corner. First we got this shot:

Then he asked us: Do you want a real Hogs and Heifers shot? And we got this one:

That’s how badass this place is. We fit right in.

So, Las Vegas, we left our sins behind and hit the road again. Where to? North on Highway 15 – we are going to Zion National Park! (North?!? Yeah, I know!)


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