Another Random Night!


So, one of the great things about van life is that you get to sleep around. In fact we never quite know where we will end up spending the night. This past Friday night was no exception..

The drive out from Zion National Park was incredible. Landscapes unlike any other. The colors were fiery, even the asphalt was colored red.

As we left the park, the colors changed. The drive was still beautiful, just different.

Notice how the color of the road changes!

We pulled into the town of Kanab in Southern Utah right as it was getting dark. The moon lit the town up beautifully and set a nice frame around our dinner at a local patio.

Our waitress was a lovely girl from the South who had never before met anybody on their honeymoon in Kanab. She thought it was so cute that she gave us free dessert!


When asking the locals around us where we should go on a Friday night, they said in unison, “Arizona!” The strict alcohol restrictions in Utah make people travel over the border to party, so we did. Only a couple minutes later, we found the recommended Buckskin Tavern. Behind the bar the lovely Sheila served up cheap beer and gave life advice to her clientelle. Kyler and I shot a couple rounds of pool while taking in the scene.

After we had been there a little while we put the cues down and figured it was time to head back to Kanab where we had planned to park the van outside McDonalds. However, we got chatty with Sheila and she offered us to stay outside the bar. “Nobody’s going to bother you there!” “Well, in that case we’ll have one of those,” we replied as we pointed to the pitchers and moved the van to the side of the bar for the night.

How much? $8 for the big thing!

We met so many nice people and had an absolute blast! Music was played and stories were shared. One story was about a tattoo that didn’t turn out quite as planned.

Life lesson: Always trust your tattoo artist!

We woke up the next morning to a great view (and a bit of a tight helmet.)

Thank you, Buckskin Tavern!


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