The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is known world wide and we decided to see it from both rims – the North and the South. The drive from Fredonia to The Grand Canyon North rim was a 119 km long drive made pretty interesting by a hitch hiker we picked up at a gas station…

She was an older woman with combed, long, grey hair. She could not tell us where she was from and she traveled around with one little back pack and two smaller duffel bags. They were all very light. She had bought a coffe at the gas station and approached us by saying “That looks like a car,” pointing to our Honey. She wanted to go to Jacob Lake and stated “I promise I am harmless.” As we got in the car, we tried to strike up some casual conversation with her. She said she had just flown down from Canada. She had been working on the canola fields in Alberta, but she had enemies everywhere, she liked yellow, but the enemies were in the yellow and other similar ramblings made conversation difficult. I am afraid the enemies might be in her head only. The athmosphere in the van got a bit lighter when she was dropped off. Hmm.

We were greeted by a park ranger at the gate to The Grand Canyon National Park telling us that the entrance to the park is free today in honor of volunteers to the parks. Yes, just like we planned it…

I honestly did not know too much about The Grand Canyon before this. I had not seen too many photos either, so my expectations were fairly non-existant. The Grand Canyon blew my mind! The views were incredible! Breathtaking! Unbelieveable! I will let the photos speak for themselves.

We got back in the van and drove around the canyon to the South Rim. Along the way we stopped numerous times, constantly in awe of the grand scenery.

We drove into the National Park on the South Rim, had a quick view of the canyon and then decided to call it a day and set up camp. We were lucky to get a camp site and had a romantic dinner for two followed by a bon fire. It gets really chilly at night!

What is one the menu? Spaghetti!

In the morning we were ready for The Grand Canyon part 2. After you park your vehicle, shuttle buses take you all around the park. I am a big fan of this system as it eliminates a lot of traffic and noise in the park. We got off the bus and hiked a ways along the rim. Same thing goes as yesterday: It is stunningly beautiful. The canyon makes you feel very little and it is a humbling experince being there.

The condor is a big bird (compare it to the raven) and can be hard to spot.

The Colorado River that runs through the canyon can be seen in this photo. It is not always visible because of the many peaks within the canyon.


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