Pie in Pie Town


We left Springerville, the place we called home for the past couple days. On the way to Albuquerque we stopped by the town of Pie Town. What to do in Pie Town? You have pie!

Amongst tumbleweed and run down buildings, we found our pie shop.





We ordered a slice of apple pie. It was truly homemade and very delicious! There was only one other person in the pie cafe, an older man who was very happy to have someone to talk with. He was a wonderful man who had worked on the highways back in the day. His wife, whom he had been married to for more than fifty years, had passed away four years ago. They had five kids, who have had more kids and who’s kids have had kids. As a past time activity he makes decorative items with jokes on cd plates. He gave us two.







Next stop will be Albuquerque!

I will finish off for now with pictures of our new dazzling CD art.




This message was brought to you courtesy of McDonalds free wifi.


2 thoughts on “Pie in Pie Town

  1. Julie

    Worlds only true piechart… humrer i skjegget her jeg sitter og sikler over skjermen, for de paiene så oppriktig gode ut! Hvilken smakte dere på?

    • Vi vurderte å smake på eple og blåbær, men så så vi at størrelsen på et stykke var på høyde med tre ganger norsk middag og lot det bli med eple på deling. Hva hadde du valgt?

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