Albuquerque, New Mexico


Truth be told, a little while ago we had planned to cross the border to Mexico today. Instead we are in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What happened is that we checked the latest updates on the US/Mexican border we had planned to cross, Eagles Pass. What we found was heavy at best. With 132 escaped prisoners and daytime shootings between the cartels and the federal police and military, the city was set under martial law only a few days ago..

We therefore decided to take some time to do more research and obviously reconsider our chosen border crossing. We decided a long time ago that we don’t want to cross the border on the weekend or close to it. We are therefore currently aiming at crossing mid next week. We are planning on crossing the border at Nuevo Laredo, after advice from a Norwegian friend living in Monterrey. I don’t often get scared, but I am a little bit this time.. On the other hand, chances are we get there and find Mexico to be just like it was last time we were there.

In the meantime we are exploring Albuquerque, a city which in many ways resemble that of a Mexican city. The old town of Albuquerque has a zocalo (town square/park), a staple in every Mexican town or city. The architecture with flat roofed adobes is similar to what one finds in Mexico. The decorations, colors and style of art and jewelry is similar. The food served is all Mexican and the music played is exactly as loud, wonderful and obnoxious as you will find it in Mexico.




We are currently 13 hours away from the border crossing we have in mind. We will see what we get up to the next few days!


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