Santa Fe


Located at 2134 meters above sea level, Santa Fe is the highest state capitol in the United States. It is an unusual place. With a law passed in 1957, all buildings in the city exhibit a Spanish or Pueblo style of architecture. The style is therefore prominent in Santa Fe, especially in the historic district.

As we have come to realize, New Mexico is a different state than the other ones around it. One resident we talked to said: “It is not New and it is not Mexico.” It’s not typical USA either. Being the 6th least populated and 5th largest state, it has enough space to house its 2 million residents. Some people grew up here and some people came here, attracted by the wild, wild west. When the weather is presented on national television, New Mexico is left out. The presenter will talk about the weather in Arizona (while covering up New Mexico on the map), then turn around and present the weather in Texas. The New Mexicans we talked to didn’t seem too offended, they like to stay under the radar and have the state stay the way it is.

Downtown Santa Fe is very touristy, so we knew we had to go just outside to get to the real action. We discovered one of Santa Fe’s local hot spots, Cowgirl. Kyler and I were amazed by the grand variety of people who were there. Cowboys, indians, weirdos, artists, young, old, white collar, blue collar, pink collar, you name it. They were all nice. We got to know many people. Among them, two locals, Raymond and Robert. They told us much about their lives as old hippies, how they ended up in Santa Fe, about the state of New Mexico and about their love for it. We had a blast!

After tips from locals we went to see the fall colors in the mountains just outside of Santa Fe today. First, who would have thought Santa Fe has a ski resort? Second, who would have thought the base elevation would be 3154 meters over sea level? Wow, we were surprised by both. The color show was spectacular!

The sun is strong, and we were close to the sun.

Funlovingliving it is!


4 thoughts on “Santa Fe

  1. jim davis

    Hello you all!!!!!!!!Sure looks like you are having a good time. When do we get to skipe? We received a package today and it has to do with your fridge door. Do you have an address where you would like us to forward it to? Love Uncle JD and Aunt Sam. PS when can send it Gen Delivery if you give us a location.

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