Acts of Kindness


Our friend Robert, who we met the previous night in Santa Fe, told us about the Friday farmers market in nearby El Dorado and said we should come check it out. After seeing the surprising fall colors on Friday morning we made our way there. We walked around, bought some vegetables as well as a homemade bread, and talked with the local vendors. The tap house and brewery had a good group of friendly locals sitting outside, amongst them Robert. We started out as a group of about eight, the number quickly rose to twenty. As it was getting dark the question came up: “So, were are you guys staying tonight?” We replied: “Well, in our van, but we’re not sure where..” Two lovely ladies offered us to park in their driveway. We said “Yes, please” and figured we had a plan for the night. That was until, for a lack of better words, a better offer came up. Paul, one of the other locals in the friendly group, invited us for dinner and to spend the night at his and his wife Cristy’s house. We very much appreciated the offer and gratefully accepted.

Paul and Cristy moved from Maryland just over a year ago and have had very interesting lives. Being in the forefront of helping people with disabilities, they have both had influencial careers on a federal level. Paul and Cristy cooked up a wonderful meal of steak, corn and fixings, complimented with fine wine and a nice athmosphere.  We had a lovely time as we were sharing stories, looking at photos and getting to know each other.

Paul and Cristy have a beautiful house with a style typical of the area. Cristy has put much effort into decorating the house and the result is fantastic. She has incorporated a variety of local art, in the form of paintings, furniture, pottery and figurines, that go very well with the architecture of the house.

We will pay the kindness and hospitality forward when our home is not on four wheels, but then again, we do have a second bunk in the van…!


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