Carlsbad Crazy Caverns


We ventured into the underworld at Carlbad Caverns, a National Park in the Guadalupe Mountains in Southern New Mexico. The caverns are a massive maze of pathways, speleothems (a new word I picked up, meaning formations) and rock. The caverns keep a constant temperature of 13 degrees celsius. There is an elevator from the visitor center, we chose to walk down through the natural entrance instead. At sunset, one can watch thousands of bats flying out from the opening to look for insects. They can eat up to half their body weight in one night. We did not stay for it. Thank you very much.

The walk down into the caverns was a 1.6 km long, steep hike. The path is pretty narrow, but being a Monday outside of tourist season, it was not busy.

As one got further down the cave it got darker, the space got bigger and the feeling of walking through a dream constantly grew.

The caverns are well worth a visit. A different world is hiding underneath ours! I am happy we woke up from the dream.. I like daylight!

P.S: Felix Baumgartner was strapped in and ready to go. However, due to strong winds they were unable to inflate the ballon and called it off for today.


One thought on “Carlsbad Crazy Caverns

  1. Claire

    ahhh thank you for the felix update. i watched the news this morning waiting to hear the results…. looks like i know where to turn now for my news updates.


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