UFOs and a German TV crew in Roswell


We rolled into the town of Roswell knowing that it had a history of encounters with unidentified flying objects. According to history/legend, a UFO landed here in 1947 and some people believe the incident was later covered up the government. Read more about that here. The town is well aware of its claim to fame and is not afraid of making it obvious to its visitors.

We had planned on going to the UFO museum in town, but forgot all about time and day. As we pulled up to the museum it was 5:15 on a Sunday afternoon. The museum closed at 5:00. A German tv crew was outside the museum and wanted to talk to us. They asked us if we knew who Felix Baumgartner is. I happened to have read an article about him a couple weeks ago and knew he was planning on doing a stratosphere jump. In other words, he is planning on getting up to 36 600 meters above sea level in a balloon filled with helium before jumping out. He will get approximately six minutes of freefall as well as breaking the sound barrier in what will be the highest skydive ever performed. Previously unknown to us, this jump is to take place in Roswell October 9th (which is today!) That is the reason why the tv crew was in town.

The tv crew first interviewed us and then asked the museum director if they could interview him and get into the museum, in spite of it being closed. Kyler lingered by as I locked up the van and suddenly we were getting a private museum tour too!

The museum has a lot of reading material on UFOs and aliens. Pretty interesting. We stayed pretty busy trying to either stay out of the cameras way or listening in on what they were saying. We therefore had a hard time reading everything and took photos for later reading pleasure.

The museum also had copies of the aliens and their ship from 1947.

I guess the tv crew found us somewhat interesting (or weird), they wanted to interview us some more…

The museum director was a really nice guy and he took us into the museum gift shop after the tour and gave us a t-shirt each! We got to pick our own. What a random and fun experience! Now, I’ll check if Felix Baumgartner has jumped from space yet.


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