Border Crossing #2


We woke up before the sun and packed up our stuff. We removed Honey’s hub caps, our jewelry and put on some older clothes. We were ready to venture into Mexico.


Mexico, the beautiful country where we met almost seven years ago, has been subject to increased violence since. Because of the violence and the constant travel warnings we were fairly nervous on our way South towards the border. We did not talk much while we counted the miles towards Mexico.


As we crossed the bridge from Laredo in the US to Nuevo Laredo in Mexico we did not know what to expect. However, we had done our homework and knew where to turn to get to the immigration services. It’s not just to continue on. You have to go through a few city streets, make a random left turn in a narrow street. Then cross the highway, make a bit of a u-turn and return to underneath the bridge we just had crossed. When traveling with a vehicle, the vehicle has to be temporarily imported into the country. This is a little process that can be quite confusing. In spite of being thrown right back in the Spanish game, after four years out it, we managed well and were out of there in 30 minutes. We are back in Mexico!


Our destination on our first day in Mexico was Monterrey where a Norwegian friend of mine has been living for the past seven years. The drive down went very well. We chose toll roads wherever possible and did not see anything bad along the road, but there was a heavy presence of military and police. Some at check points, some on the back of trucks, all heavily armored.

We pulled into Monterrey without any trouble. Traffic was pretty heavy, but Kyler put the horn to use, I kept on top of direction and we were fine. We pulled up to Ronny’s house and were suddenly back at speaking Norwegian!


Ronny took us out for lunch in his neighbourhood before Kyler and I went to downtown Monterrey for a few hours. It’s beautiful! At night we all went out and had some real Northern Mexican food. So far, all is good here!



Adios, amigos!


2 thoughts on “Border Crossing #2

  1. Claire

    I want Mexican food!! one thing Australia does NOT do well- but they try, it just costs an arm and leg. ..

    how does your Norwegian friend come to live in Mexico??

    • The food here is soooo good, Claire! I am loving it! Every meal is a fiesta! Ronny first moved to Monterrey for an exchange in uni and loved it so much he came back to stay. He has it figured out: runs his own computer/web/programming company, has time to go hiking lots and gets to go back to Norway a couple times a year. Yay!

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