Swim Here and Swim There!


The last few days we have stopped at various locations along the stunning highway 70 that runs from San Luis Potosí to the East coast. The first stop was Media Luna close to Rioverde. It’s a popular camping locations for the locals and being a Saturday night it was busy. The lake there is in a volcano crater and is a beautiful spot to swim and scuba dive. We ended up staying the night in the guarded parking lot for free. Win-Win!

Another stop was Cascadas Micos closer to Ciudad Valles. They are beautiful, little waterfalls scattered around meandering streams. A great location for another dip! There were a few families there, but the majority of people was a group of fire fighters from Valles that were there for training.

The weather is getting hotter as we are closer to sea level. Highway 70 has brought us from a very high elevation down to about 70 meters in Valles.

Off to walk amongst surrealist jungle art of the eccentric Edward James! More on that later. Any guesses on where we are?




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