The Story of San Cristobal de las Casas


Here comes the story of how being in the city of San Cristobal changed our lives:

Kyler and Cowboy set off on a surfing adventure in the late summer of 2005. After several months, several beaches and a few boards later they decided to head inland in Mexico to get “cultured.” They arrived in the unique town of San Cristobal de las Casas with Ballzy the dog and a van called Twinky, which was tired from the climb up the mountain.

Meanwhile, Siri had been living in Cuba for a number of months and escaped in between hurricanes by hopping over to Mexico for a new adventure.

After a while backpacking around, she arrived in San Cristobal by bus early in the morning on November 14th. Keen for a coffee and some good ol’ people watching she headed to the town square, the so called zocalo. Kyler, Cowboy, Ballzy and Twinky stayed put in San Cristobal this beautiful November 14th as Twinky needed a little work at the mechanic. As Siri crossed the zocalo heading to the circular cafe she was surprised by a “Hola!” from a guy with a dog. The guy had a big head of hair and a bandana to keep it in place. She replied: “Hola!” and cruised on to the cafe. At guy with even bigger hair with a cap on top and a Canadian tuxedo (denim and denim) observed the scene from the circular cafe. Siri got up there, saw the handsome fella and decided to sit down in close proximity to him. As it turned out, Siri’s hand picked table was tippy. So tippy, the waiter recommended her to find another table. The handsome, most likely Canadian, fella is quick to offer, “You can sit here if you want!”

The very first of many photo of us together. Taken in San Cristobal november 2005.

Now on our honeymoon, almost seven years later, we return to this beautiful city in Southern Mexico to relive the magic moment when we met. Quite some time has passed since we were there last – will it still look the same? We asked ourselves the question as we drove from Coatzacoalcos on the Gulf of Mexico towards San Cristobal.

Coatzacoalcos-San Cristobal 333 beautiful kilometers

Checking out the coast at Coatzacoalcos. No surf! Next stop will be San Cristobal de las Casas.

We arrived in San Cristobal mid-day, pulled in and got a spot right at the zocalo. It was as beautiful as we remembered! And, even better, the handsome Canadian fella sat right in the same seat as he did seven years ago!

I walked up, the table was still tippy, and the handsome guy (who now happens to be my handsome husband!) said, “You can sit here if you want!” I did not have to think twice, of course! And he kissed me with all his might!

In order to stay in close proximity to the magic love spot we checked in to Hotel Santa Clara overlooking the zocalo. It is a beautiful hotel with an even more beautiful view.

We later ventured out to find the location of our very first kiss. It was at a bar called Revolucion. We found it, still there and running! We went straight in and kissed outside the bathrooms, which is where Kyler found the courage to kiss me for the first time.

Today has been spent in romantic ways. Breakfast at our favourite cafe, guess where? At the zocalo! A walk up a hill to see the view. Some market action. A wonderful mole meal for the sum of $2 and quite a while on the white porcelain throne – we are after all in Mexico! Ciao for now – more on San Cristobal de las Casas later.


4 thoughts on “The Story of San Cristobal de las Casas

  1. I love Chiapas. I have been to SCdLC’s twice. The second time was the beginning of a 600 mile bike ride down to the coast, then south, then over the Sierras in Guatamala then to the Laconda. Increiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiible! I will follow you fro Alaska. Cheers

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