Not as Planned – Again!


Not many things happen as they are planned. After a massive hit with a pot hole early this afternoon, Honey’s tie rod got completely killed. We came to an abrupt stop in the countryside. Several people came about to help us and we got towed to Antigua. Not a bad place to be while Honey gets fixed.
I guess it is part of the game, but DAMN that was a hard hit!!




2 thoughts on “Not as Planned – Again!

  1. Jennifer

    Ouch! Poor Honey … the universe is telling you there’s something amazing to do in Antigua, you just need to be there a little longer. Glad to hear you’re keeping your sense of haha with you.

    There’s a great Neapolitan pizza place in downtown Antigua; Guatemalan husband/Italian wife or vice versa. We enjoyed a tasty ‘za and conversation with their adult son – politics, love of one’s country, and Guatemala’s painful past. Worth a visit.

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