Antigua Rocks!


Honey is back in action!


Kyler and the boss of the mechanic shop went to Guatemala City yesterday to get parts and the work was finished today. The tie rod was way too expensive at the Volkswagen dealer so they ended up getting a Mazda tie rod. The threading was a bit off in size so it was re-threaded at a mechanic work shop. It took an entire day, but all for a fraction of the cost of the original VW part. The relationship between time and money is not as we know it. We now have a new tie rod, new break pads and new oil.

We drove off the mechanic’s ground and found ourselves the best and safest campground in Central America – in the Antigua police force’s back yard. We are parked amongst ruins and some of the world’s coolest road trippers.


There’s a family with two kids from Quebec traveling all over North-, Central- and South America in a year. There’s a guy from the island of Jersey in the English Channel who’s been on the road for 18 months via Finland, Russia, South East Asia, US, Canada and back down. All with his beloved Land Rover from home. There is a hard core converted truck shipped over from Switzerland. Very inspiring, very cool. I feel so lucky to be part of this different and very exclusive gang.



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