El Tunco, El Salvador


We were here five years ago – and now we are back. El Tunco has grown a lot since then, but after getting over the growth, we find that it still is the same tranquil place it used to be.


There are some foreign travelers around, but just as many local visitors. The days are mellow – and can be spent in whatever way you wish.

This morning I woke up, finished a book and then walked over to the swimming pool for a morning swim. I surprisingly realized that there were two horses right by the pool eating the surrounding grass. They did not mind me and I did not mind them. Not one person was around, but there were plenty of singing birds. The sun was working its way up higher on the sky and the leaves of the trees above let the rays shine through to create a sparkle on the water. Is there a more beautiful way to start the day? Maybe, but not as far as I know.


We have met some incredible people here, where we are staying. Nobody is in a rush. We have time to get to know each other and spend time together – what a luxury! We have time to make ourselves comfortable in hammocks. We surf and swim. We chat, eat, walk, drink. And we read, we read a lot.




Life is easy.


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