Another Day in Paradise


Sooo, I have not been the best at updating lately. It seems like the less you have to do, the faster time flies by. We are enjoying the heat, the surf, our new and wonderful friends, yoga, the swimming pool, the sun and the liberty of doing whatever we would like.

One of our new friends have expanded my horizon with the knowledge of Sven and Ole jokes. Have you guys heard about them? They are all jokes about Norwegians (perhaps the ones that lived and emigrated to America 100 years ago, more so than the current ones living in Norway – at least, that’s what I tell myself) and they are quite funny and still somewhat relevant.

Ole died. So Lena went to the local paper to put a notice in the obituaries. The gentleman at the counter, after offering his condolences, asked Lena what she would like to say about Ole.

Lena replied, “You yust put ‘Ole died’.”

The gentleman, somewhat perplexed, said, “That’s it? Just ‘Ole died?’ Surely, there must be something more you’d like to say about Ole. If its money you’re concerned about, the first five words are free. We must say something more.”

So Lena pondered for a few minutes and finally said, “O.K. You put ‘Ole died. Boat for sale.’ “

It’s Monday night and the weekly ping pong tournament is soon on. We want that trophy real bad!


In the meantime: Good evening from peaceful El Tunco, El Salvador.



2 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

    • Nja, vi gjorde det greit som familie med en 2. og 3. plass, men pokalen ble dessverre ikke vår – denne gangen. Surfingen går bra. Litt vel store bølger de siste dagene. Venter til de blir små og koselige som jeg liker de. Det skal skje neste uke. Man kan si jeg har fri frem til det.

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