Trapped by El Tunco


We have, just like many other before us, been trapped by El Tunco, more specifically by Hotel Mopelia. We have planned to leave every day the past few days, but every day we decide to stay one more day… Yesterday we decided to stay until Tuesday. We will see when we end up leaving!

Last week Kyler and I went away for two nights. We celebrated the seven year anniversary since we first met. We drove up to El Salvador’s coffee region, named Ruta de las Flores, for the occasion. Apparently the area is well-visited on the weekends, but we were there in the middle of the week and seemed to be the only visitors around. El Salvador is a small country so the drive between El Tunco and Concepcion de Ataco only took us two hours. The coffee region is substantially cooler as its elevation is much higher. It was strange, but refreshing to wear pants, shoes and long sleeve shirts after a long time in the coastal heat.


On Wednesday, November 14, we went on a drive through the lush Ruta de las Flores from Concepcion de Ataco to Juayua. In Juayua we went on a hike to some local waterfalls and visited a coffee plantation and production facility. It was a great day. On Thursday we missed our friends in El Tunco and returned to the coast.

Friday night was a big day at Hotel Mopelia. It was their five year anniversary and it was celebrated with a big party. In the day the kids had a piñata and at night a band from San Salvador came down to play and people from here, there and all over the world came to join in. We had such a great time and stayed up until the sun was rising.


With all the rooms being booked up for the big party, Kyler and I moved into the van on Thursday. We are now staying for free and they call us the squatters, but we don’t mind as we are pretty sure they are just joking around.


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