Bye, Bye Mopelia – for now!


With heavy hearts and sad faces we left our family at Hotel Mopelia in El Tunco on Tuesday morning. We managed to leave because we know we will be back. What a wonderful place!

Our last night in El Tunco was Monday night and time for the weekly Mopelia ping pong tournament. We had been (easily) convinced to stay so that Kyler could attempt to defend his title from the past week. The tournament attracted a big crowd of people and all together 29 ping pong competitors. After some intense games, Kyler handled the pressure and won again!

The reasons why we stayed for a while in El Tunco/Hotel Mopelia are many:

Gilles, family and friends, thank you for a great time!


3 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Mopelia – for now!

  1. Hi Siri and Kyler – found your blog on the Mopelia Facebook page and really enjoyed reliving my time in El Tunco. I got into a similar routine there too. Good to meet you two and glad to see you are still having fun.

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