Liberal León and Conservative Granada


After entering Nicaragua, we spent a couple days in the colonial town of León. In addition to rushing down the side of a volcano, we also visited the town’s Museo de Revolucion. Relatively unaware of the fairly recent and violent history of Nicaragua we were educated by a former Sandinista fighter.


Our guide, Roberto, provided us with an interesting insight into the events, before and after the revolution, that have shaped Nicaragua into the country it is today.

León was known as a liberal city, whereas it’s counterpart was the more conservative Granada. The two cities rivaled to be the country’s capital for years. In 1852 it was decided that Managua, conveniently located between the two, served as a middle ground and was made capitol.

Roberto brought us up on the roof of the building of the museum. It is located on one side of the city’s Central Park with a great view of the active volcano San Cristobal. What looks like a cloud is actually smoke from the volcano.


Plans to meet friends in Granada got us back on the road after a couple days in León.


Granada is a colorful, colonial town. In some ways it is much like León, but it’s location on Lake Nicaragua gives it a breezy feel and cooler nights.


Granada is well set up around tourism, but one does not have to walk far to find a more local side of the town. Just a few blocks from the touristy walking street by the central park was a soccer game on and down by the water we witnessed baptisms and general frolicking. Observation: Central Americans go swimming with their clothes on! Does anybody know why?


Later in the day we met up with our friends Ashari (Aussie) and Guy (English) whom we got to know in El Salvador. They are extensive honeymooners like ourselves. We had a great time exploring the Granada markets, and later, Granada-by-night.


5 thoughts on “Liberal León and Conservative Granada

  1. Does anybody know why? They do not want to be caught almost naked if another revolucion breaks out while they where swimming??? or spandex is hard to buy in Nico…

  2. ekobyrne

    It might be because they are modest, but it might also be so they don’t get sunburned. Wearing clothes is cheaper and more effective sun protection than sunblock.

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