Border Crossing #7


We woke up at our homestay in San Juan del Sur ready for another adventure. As we were walking out to get some breakfast, before hitting the road, we bumped into the family from Quebec that we got to know in Antigua more than a month ago! What a fun reunion! As it turned out, they were on their way to the Nicaraguan/Costa Rican border as well. It’s a small world!

We made a right turn out of San Juan del Sur to go South instead of going left to go North, like we did in 2007. New territory!

We met up with our fellow traveling friends at the border and helped each other out. It is a lot more fun crossing borders together with somebody else! We figured out where to get your passports stamped on one side. They helped us out with what to bring to one of the officials on the other side. Win-Win!

In order to get our vehicle import permit cancelled on the Nicaraguan side the vehicle was inspected by a border patrol, then another border patrol, a police officer, a border patrol behind a desk and then another police officer. The permit looked like this when they were done with it:

We were out of Nicaragua and drove through to the Costa Rican side of the border. This entire border crossing was quite time consuming (3 hours in total,) but pretty straight-forward. Fumigation of our vehicle, some more copies, a couple visits to the bathroom, a cold Coca Cola, chats with the border patrol, some more paperwork and we were through.

We are now in Costa Rica!


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