Tamagringo, Costa Mucho


After crossing the Costa Rican border we went right into the thick of it in Tamarindo, or as some people call it, Tamagringo. Old Americans, skyrocketed prices and a massive tourist machine. All of the things people had warned us about, seem to be true. Coming from countries cheap as chips with lots of love and life, it was all a bit of a disappointment. We keep asking ourselves: Where are the locals? Where is Costa Rica? All we see here is a country taken over by foreign capital.

A little bit impulsively we decided on our first night to buy a wooden door sign with our new family name for our future home. We are excited to get the sign. The only problem is that we have to wait until Wednesday at 5 PM for the sign to be done. That meant we have had to stay around Tamarindo the past couple of days..

Yesterday, we went on a drive to explore some nearby beaches. The roads leading to the beaches are in shockingly bad condition. Honey performed well, but we had to turn around when we encountered a hill with a massive drop and lots of water at the bottom.

We visited Playa Avellanas, Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal, all South of Tamarindo. The beaches are all beautiful since Costa Rica has protected the area between the high water line and 150 meters in. With the lush vegetation all the mansions and resorts are well hidden, thank you very much.

Back in the day, there used to be camping in Tamarindo and on the nearby beaches. Today, there are not many options for people trying to do it on the cheap. We looked around for a while before we found a hotel with parking for a reasonable price. We are staying at Hotel Monoloco, which actually is a beautiful hotel, for $25 a night. With prices being multiple times that of El Salvador and Nicaragua, we have cut down on our fancy habit of eating out. We eat cereal for breakfast and bread for lunch. When we pulled out the bedside table to use as a breakfast table, a scorpion came to sight. Kyler grabbed a magazine, I opened the door and cleared the way for the scorpion to be hucked out. Phuuu, our joint effort saved our lives, for now. Note how Kyler’s mustach is really filling in as we are getting closer to the end of Movember.

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Tamarindo (one wooden sign richer) in search of the real Costa Rica.


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