The South of Nicaragua


When we strolled around Granada we came across a religious festival honoring a saint. We found it fairly entertaining that the entire parade decided to make their way through the busiest street in town, where all the chicken buses park.

The artisan market in town have much to offer, just like Nicaragua.

After two nights in Granada we drove to Rivas/San Jorge on Lake Nicaragua. This is the port for the boats and ferries going out to Isla de Ometepe, an island consisting of two volcanoes. We had planned to go across with the van on a ferry, or leave the van on the mainland if we could find secure parking. We were advised to bring the van across. It all started sounding really expensive. It was also really windy and the volcanoes were covered in clouds. In the end we decided to save it for another time and went to the beach…

We drove from Rivas/San Jorge to San Juan del Sur in the very Southern part of Nicaragua. San Juan del Sur was the turning point of our Central American roadtrip in 2007. Anywhere further South than this will be new territory!

We thought of going swimming with our clothes on, but we are not that local.


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