Back on the Road with a Wooden Sign


We got our wooden sign yesterday and are ready to hit the road! Today, we will drive to the very Southern part of the Nicoya peninsula, just the tip. We have read that one can camp on the beach close to Malpais and that we waves there are good.


Kyler and I both paddled out at Tamarindo yesterday and had a fun session in the surf! After a walk back to our wonderful Hotel Mono Loco and a shower, we went out in search of a cheap dinner. Not long after leaving, the sky opened up its taps and it started pouring down! The rainy season is over, so the downpour came as a surprise! We found shelter at a nearby bar where we watched some football and talked to some “locals.” It was the first rain we have had since Calgary – that’s 3.5 months ago!

We found a Costa Rican restaurant down the road that did wonderful, juicy BBQ chicken. The menu had lots of really pricy items on the list given in American dollars ($9-$20) and it was all written in English. We flipped through to the end and on the last page they advertised their BBQ chicken. It was written up in Spanish and prices were given in the local currency. We split a half and paid $8 for the both of us. Not too bad at all!


We saw the sign and it opened up our eyes!


One thought on “Back on the Road with a Wooden Sign

  1. Duncan Harwood

    Awesome sign!, Nice Oilers sticker on the back of “beauty” (or whatever you call your van) and nice price on the bbq chicken. My advice: Stay there 🙂 !

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