“Did you really drive all the way here?!” 


Remember how we discovered there is a ferry from the the Nicoya peninsula? We made sure to get on it by showing up two and a half hours early. The very early arrival was more accidental than by choice, as we (and several others) had misinterpreted the ferry schedule. No worries, though! The time went by very fast. A curious Tico truck driver came over to chat. He hung out and asked all kinds of questions about the van, the trip, Canada and Norway. We looked at each other’s licenses, talked about how it works with taking on a new last name and about truck driving in Costa Rica. Greivin is only two years older than Kyler, but he already has a 12 and a 14 year old. What a different life! He gave us his phone number and told us to call him if we ever needed any help. Many travelers of all ages came up to us after seeing our Albertan plates. “Did you really drive all the way here?!” They could barely believe it! We told them that when you have 3.5 months to do the drive, it does not feel as far as it sounds. True story!

Social ferry wait

Just before 11 AM we were ready to board the ferry from the peninsula over to Puntarenas on the mainland. Only the driver was allowed to be in the car boarding the ferry, so I walked on and talked with a group of four happy seniors from Canada.

Honey on ferry

The views were spectacular. The sun was shining. People were chatting all around and as we were approaching Puntarenas they blasted the music, making it all seem more like a cruise than a ferry crossing!

Ferry view

Ferry view1

Check out the new tab Past Adventures to see what we have been up to before this trip!


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