The Capitol City San Jose


As we pulled off the ferry cruise in Puntarenas, blasted I’m on a Boat on the stereo (we are not quite over it, yet) and headed for Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, Honey’s engine warning light came on. We had just had enough time to see the prospect of some fun and friendly waves to surf and stop for an awesome street side BBQ snack. With the possibility of something serious being wrong with the van, in spite of her running well, we decided to change our plan and head for the capitol city where we would find a VW mechanic.


San Jose is located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley and is said to be no more than a three hour drive from anywhere in the country. The city is on an elevation of 1137 meters and its citizens therefore enjoy (-or not) a much crisper climate than what you will find on either coast. The difference can be as much as 15-20 C.

We arrived in San Jose on a Saturday. The mechanic did not open until Monday, giving us the weekend to explore the city. On Saturday, we stayed in a university part of town. Lots of people our age were out and about. All the younger guys had crisp haircuts styled to the max. Patterns shaved into the sides, a bit longer on top and lots of gel seem to be the thing right now. Another fad is to take the flat brim cap to a whole new level – literary! Yank that thing up, you want it just barely hanging on at the top of your head.

Our friend Ellie knows people all over the world and she doesn’t mind sharing her friends with us. We got an email introduction to her friend Kerensa who has been living in Costa Rica for the past few years and is married to a Tico. On Sunday we met up for lunch and a city wander. No better way to get to know a place than to check it out with somebody who knows it well!



Sunday was December 1st and the city was being decorated for the upcoming Christmas season. Lots of lights and lots of glitter! Go big or go home.



2 thoughts on “The Capitol City San Jose

  1. ekobyrne

    I won’t be over I’m on a Boat for a long while, so don’t get over it before I get there!
    And sharing friends is the best!

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